Venue Information / Tech Info


Blackstone River Theatre
549 Broad Street
Cumberland, Rhode Island 02864-6910

Blackstone River Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit cultural organization.

Tickets/Administrative Office
On performance days or nights, the box office will be open 3 hours before show time.
TEL (401) 725-9272
Web site:
Office hours vary week by week; leave a detailed message and your call will be returned as soon as possible by phone or e-mail.


Blackstone River Theatre is a handicapped-accessible facility.
There is a handicapped-accessible ramp which leads from our parking lot directly to the main concert hall; there is an accesible bathroom on this level. If a member of your party has trouble handling stairs, please use this handicapped entrance. Once seated have a member of your party go upstairs to pay.

Men and women's restrooms are located on the second-floor level.
There is also a unisex handicapped-accessible bathroom off of the lobby on the lower level.

Light food and beverages are available at our concession areas before performances and during intermissions. Please note that food and drink is permitted in the auditorium; however, please be respectful of the audience when eating or drinking (noise really carries in our theatre!) and please discard your trash at the end of the show. Blackstone River Theatre does NOT allow outside food to be brought in to the building!

Blackstone River Theatre does not sell or permit the use of alcoholic beverages on the premises by theatre patrons. If you are interested in serving alcoholic beverages as part of a special event or rental agreement with Blackstone River Theatre, the theatre has to apply for a special one-day Class F (beer and wine) license available through Cumberland Town Hall AT LEAST 45 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. (This fee will be included in your rental fee).

Venue Technical Information

BRT Sound/Lighting Specs

Performers may direct sound/lighting questions through Russell Gusetti at . Please mail or send a PDF of your tech sheet/stage layout at your earliest convenience. Blackstone River Theatre's sound is organized by Graham Mellor and either he, Russell Gusetti, or Mike Danielson will provide sound tech services night of show.

The following is a list of BRT sound equipment.
NOTE: Artists are required to provide their own backline – guitar and bass amps and drum sets.

Please be advised that Blackstone River Theatre is an intimate 165-seat room with excellent acoustics. Amplifiers are generally overkill and drum sets seldom need more than one or two pieces to be miked, if that. The audience space measures roughly 35 feet wide by 45 feet in length. The stage is a small raised proscenium stage (16 feet wide by 12 feet depth). We have professional lighting but offer no follow spots or a lighting technician, just a general 6-spot even wash on the stage and performers with 6 colored LED spots lighting the curtain.

BRT Sound System

2 EAW MK5266 installed Mains powered by QSC amps

Midas M32 Digital Console
EV ELX 112

4 Returns Available for 4 separate Monitor Mixes
Microphones, stands, chords and 4 direct boxes
(Mikes include 6 SM 58, 4 SM 57, two AKG C1000S, two AKG C3000B, two EV BK-1, two KSM 137, and a Miktek PM10)