Sunday, March 26, 2023 at 7:00 PM
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Väsen – Duo

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After 30 years Väsen has moved into a new phase. Olov Johansson and Mikael Marin continue as Väsen, but now as a duo with exciting new material. With Roger Tallroth choosing to leave the band for new projects, Mikael and Olov have refined their sound and their stage presence to the extent that today they are quite unique. With their playful and perfect interplay, they seem to have telepathic communication as musicians, now touring and recording exclusively as a duo. Olov Johansson plays nykelharpa, a bowed, 16-string instrument related to both the hurdy-gurdy and the fiddle and unique to Sweden. In 1990, Olov became world champion of both the modern chromatic and older historical nyckelharpas at the first-ever Nyckelharpa World Championships at Österbybruk, Sweden. He is an inspiration for numerous young performers who have taken up the instrument in the last decade. As always, Mikael Marin’s five-string viola adds richness to every tune. The word väsen has several meanings – spirit, essence, noise. This talented Swedish duo conveys the essence of Swedish traditional music with a joyful noise that is designed to raise your spirits.