Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 8:00 PM
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RORY RAVEN – Mentalist & Mindbender

Rory Raven is a mentalist with 20 years of experience reading minds and astonishing audiences. Neither a psychic nor a magician, he offers a compelling kind of entertainment unlike anything audiences have ever seen. With a few simple props (paper and pencil, a pack of playing cards, some paperback books, and the thoughts of volunteers) Rory involves the audience in a highly unusual – and unusually entertaining – experience. Thoughts are revealed, predicitions come true, and perhaps even the spirits are summoned... FAQs: Okay, let's start with that title - what's a mentalist? A mentalist is a theatrical mind-reader... a performer who, using a variety of techniques, is able to produce results that would only seem possible by psychic or paranormal means. And those techniques would be...? They range from a knowledge of subtle psychological principles and the quirks of human behavior, to quick thinking and a good memory. Rory is also interested in things like suggestion, non-verbal communication, and the so-called trance state. And he doesn't hesitate to borrow ideas from the stage magician, either! So is he psychic or what? No. Not everyone believes him when he say that, but there's not much he can do about it. People who believe in the paranormal will believe no matter what he tells them, and those who don't believe won't believe no matter what he shows them. Always a great evening … why not see what YOU think!