Rent Blackstone River Theatre


UPDATED 10/08/2022

AS A COMMUNITY CENTER, Blackstone River Theatre occasionally rents out its space for public, business, and private functions. Events that have taken place include arts, environmental and preservation workshops; public forums on education and youth leadership; ESL, Zumba, and women's self-defense classes; wine-tasting fundraisers for community groups and school PTOs; pre-school graduations, and birthday, wedding and anniversary celebrations. We also rent out to bands or performers on occasion who present shows that are outside of our own programming mission but that are seeking a professionally-run space.

Because Blackstone River Theatre programs classes seven-days-a-week from early-September through mid-May, we have only a few options for night-time rentals unless they are scheduled 6-9 months in advance. However, we generally have daytime hours mid-week or occasional Sunday evening availability. We also program far less regularly from late-May to the end of August so there are more options at that time. Saturdays ARE available if they are booked and contracted at least 4-6 months out from the event date.

While our room seats 165 in a seated concert/lecture atmosphere, we have found that events work best if they involve 120-130 maximum depending on desire for round tables, number of chairs, dance space, AV equipment, food/drink being served etc. Events where there is food and round tables with chairs generally work best for 80-110 people.

The main hall has a handicapped-accessible sloped walkway and a unisex, handicapped accessible bathroom on the main hall level. There is no smoking allowed. Use of beer & wine requires a one-day license and host liquor liability insurance (see below.)

Blackstone River Theatre requires a 50% deposit for all rentals with the balance due day of event.

As part of the rental fee, Blackstone River Theatre offers:

Blackstone River Theatre does not have air conditioning but we do feature overhead fans and because the main hall is below ground level, it stays quite comfortable most times of the year.


What if I want beer & wine at my function?
Blackstone River Theatre is located in a building owned by the Town of Cumberland and as a Town-owned facility, the use of alcohol on its premises is dictated solely by the Town. If you wish to serve alcohol at your event, BRT must apply for a one-day beer and wine license from the Town at the beginning of the month previous to your rental event. As part of this process, BRT needs to solicit letters of approval for "an event with alcohol" from the Cumberland Police, Cumberland Fire & Cumberland Rescue Departments. With these in hand, the application goes before the Town Council. An additional fee of $45.00 will be added on to the rental fee if a one-day permit is required.

A wine- or beer-tasting event that benefits a charity or nonprofit organization does NOT require a one-day permit. However, personnel serving alcohol at such events must be TIPS-trained and must comply with all related server requirements. Additionally, "RENTER" must secure from the caterer a copy of their certificate of insurance for providing/serving alcohol and submit it as part of our rental agreement. "RENTER" must also provide their organization's proof of insurance with language concerning insurance coverage at an outside event where alcohol will be served. Further details can be discussed at the initial meeting and this topic is completely spelled out in the BRT's Rental Agreement.

So what does it cost?
The bottom line is we need to meet and discuss your event and exactly what you want. Rental fees are mostly based on length of your event time-wise (which also includes setup and breakdown.) ONE 1-hour meeting is included in the fee; other meetings if required will incur an additional charge. Other pricing variables include usage of a Blackstone River Theatre sound technician if a live band is involved and other potential add-ons such as a one-day beer & wine license. A written quote will be given after our initial meeting and then a RENTAL AGREEMENT will be sent which will need to be signed and returned with your deposit.

If an event is cancelled by "renter" anywhere between 30-59 days before the event, a $50.00 cancellation fee will be charged. If an event is cancelled by "renter" anywhere between 1-29 days before the event, the 50% (fifty percent) deposit will be kept as a cancellation fee.

Rental information: Contact Russell Gusetti, Executive Director at