Sunday, January 15, 2023 at 3:00 PM
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SOLD OUT! Kevin Doyle’s Roscommon Soles – “Health to the Ladies!”

As of 12/30 we are sold out! Call in a reservation to get on our VERY SHORT waiting list but do not send a check unless we return your call to confirm!
Kevin Doyle’s Roscommon Soles, funded in part by a grant from Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, are excited to debut their newest show, themed for the New Year – “Health to the Ladies!” Titled for a traditional Irish jig, the concert of dance, music, song, and story celebrates the contributions of historic Rhode Island ladies to the arts and to the special season that celebrates all the holidays to come. Their influence was felt nationally and locally, from vaudeville to the age of radio and television, and on dance stages or in concert halls and recording studios. This celebration of families and their ladies features Kevin Doyle, National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellow; Mary Lee Partington, regional vocal award-winner/NCTE inaugural Teacher of Excellence; Sheila Falls, American & All-Ireland fiddle champion and director of Gaelic Roots at Boston College; Torrin Ryan, multiple All-Ireland medalist and first on uilleann pipes; Tim Keohane, noted guitarist/vocalist of traditional Irish folk and popular repertoire; and a cameo dance appearance by The Dancing Doyles – Maureen Doyle & Shannon Doyle. Josh Kane, original cast member of Roscommon Soles, performs on flute and whistle and draws on his early training in step dance to infuse the tunes with the rhythm and roots of tradition.