Sunday, June 25, 2023 at 4:00 PM
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CHORO das 3 – Music from Brazil

A TAKE IT OUTSIDE CONCERT! Call in your reservations for our June 25, 4:00-5:00 p.m. concert with CHORO das 3 to 401-725-9272. This will be the first of four OUTDOOR CONCERTS held on Sundays behind the theatre building – chairs provided! We move inside Blackstone River Theatre in the event of rain!


Choro das 3 is a family-based trio formed by sisters Corina (flute), Lia (7 string guitar) and Elisa (mandolin, clarinet, banjo, accordion) in 2002. Eduardo, the father of the three sisters, tragically lost his life to Covid early in the pandemic, before vaccines were available in Brazil. Eduardo was the band's percussionist from its founding. The sisters have resolved to continue as Choro das 3 and they play every song in their father's memory. The music they play is Brazilian instrumental music called Choro which is a form of urban jazz native to Brazil that shares a similar feel with New Orleans jazz or ragtime or bluegrass. Choro das 3's mission is to revive the Choro tradition in Brazil, where they join several other young people in rediscovering this music. They have released 11 albums and have been touring in North America, Europe and Brazil for the past 21 years. Choro (''cry'' or ''lament'' in English), in spite of the name, often has a fast and happy rhythm, characterized by virtuosity and improvisation. Like the Jazz in USA, Choro had influenced all the Brazilians genres, including Samba, Forró and Bossa Nova. Choro also has some characteristics of Baroque music, with its extremely creative and melodic counterpoints. Since 2013 Choro das 3 has yearly played in the USA. Their appearances at Mike Marshall and David Grisman’s Mandolin Symposium led Marshall to say that Choro das 3 plays “. . . some of the most inspired and inspiring music . . . the highest level of musicianship and presentation . . . the highest quality of Brazilian Choro music that can be heard any place today.”