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We are currently seeking applications for 2019 festival vendors! Application forms can be found below. Please email to express your interest in being a vendor at the 2019 Blackstone River Theatre Summer Solstice Festival or if you have further questions.

The PDF files below require Adobe Reader. Click the icon below if you need to download Adobe Reader.


2019 Blackstone River Theatre Summer Solstice Festival - VENDOR GENERAL INFORMATION
  • Space rental MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE and remitted with your vendor application and ALL applicable forms. Vendor is responsible for all checks, credit cards, etc. Bring your own change!
  • Payment: ALL applications, payments and insurance forms must be received by June 5, 2019. Complete payment for space is required in advance with the returned contract. Please send check for total amount to: Blackstone River Theatre, 549 Broad St., Cumberland, RI 02864
  • Vendor Tickets: Space rental include two free tickets per vendor. Additional staff must purchase tickets.
  • The Festival does NOT supply lights, tables or chairs for your space!
  • Set-up Time: Saturday, June 15 (or June 16 if rain date is needed) 8:00 AM to 10 AM.
  • Breakdown: Begins at 6:00 PM. Note: Set-up and breakdown will be conducted ONLY during these hours. EARLY BREAKDOWN WILL RESULT IN NOT BEING INVITED BACK. All Vendors must carry out any excessive trash generated by their booth.
  • Electricity: Electric service will be provided at a cost of $30 per outlet (only one plug in per outlet) to be paid in advance along with a signed copy of the contract. Power limited to 20 amps.
  • Permits: You must submit, with your vendor application, copies of your R.I. Vendor Sales Tax License along with a copy of certificate of Liability Insurance naming Blackstone River Theatre AND the Town of Cumberland as additional insureds.
  • If you do not have a sales tax permit, BRT will issue you a one-day temporary permit for $10.00 (make separate check payable to: R.I. Division of Taxation.) A Festival volunteer will then collect your 7% R.I. sales tax at the end of the day and submit your payment to the State of R.I.
  • Liability Release: By signing the vendor application, the Vendor hereby releases and waives any and all claims for personal injury, product liability, theft, breakage, or other damage, against Blackstone River Theatre, the Town of Cumberland, their agents, contractors, successors and assigns, from or otherwise pertaining to the equipment rental hereunder and Vendors expressly assume the risk of rain, wind, lightning and other weather-related elements on the day of the Blackstone River Theatre Summer Solstice Festival. Blackstone River Theatre expressly disclaims any obligation or representation related to the number of persons to be attending the Festival, or the revenue to be derived from sales. IF WEATHER DICTATES, THE FESTIVAL RETAINS ALL RIGHTS TO UTILIZE THE RAIN DATE OF JUNE 16, 2019 INSTEAD OF JUNE 15, 2019.
  • There will be no refunds of space rental fees for any reason INCLUDING adverse weather.
  • Items for sale: You must provide us with a list of items you plan to sell at the Festival. ITEMS NOT APPROVED, OR NOT ON YOUR LIST MAY BE PROHIBITED AT THE FESTIVAL.