Wish List

wishlistFrom day one, it has been part of BRT's mission to keep our prices as affordable as possible for both concerts and classes. We have developed this "Wish List" section because it costs us quite a bit to take care of our building and sometimes we simply don't have the money to spend on certain needed items when we need them. This is especially true for larger items but it is also true for everyday items.

The following will be an ever-changing list of items big and small that we can definitely use if you happen to have it hanging around your house already or if you'd like to make a shopping donation every once in awhile! Rest assured, every penny we don't spend on supplies gets used for programming so we can continue to bring you high-caliber events at the same frequency we do now!

Please email to check if we still need any of the following and to arrange drop-off!
This list is current as of 07/06/2023.