Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 8:00 PM
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Áine Minogue

As traditional Irish music continues to enjoy phenomenal success both here and in Ireland, Áine Minogue (pronounced On-ya) is an artist who has long explored its themes and who captures its very essence. Her ethereal singing reflects the lyricism and richness to be found in Irish music, mythology and poetry with a voice undeniably her own. Born in County Tipperary, Áine's family encouraged her to pursue a number of instruments but it was at age 12 that Áine discovered her true love - the harp - which she decided to pursue in lieu of the others. Áine takes this ancient art form, exploring its underpinnings but adding her own creativity to each piece. With a combination of harping, singing and storytelling with a touch of poetry, her concerts have an intimate "getting away from it all" feel. In this special concert, Minogue celebrates the symbolism of Spring in Ireland and the Celtic lands - Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Brittany. This Pan-Celtic odyssey is an enchanting evening of music, storytelling, and tradition that is appropriate for all ages and designed to "Welcome in the Spring." Minogue, an expert in the area of Irish traditions, has done extensive research into the Celtic wheel of the year traditions, including the Spring Equinox, and has unearthed some unusual and haunting selections from Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and Ireland. Aine's recordings include "The Twilight Realm," "The Mysts of Time," "Between the Worlds," "Celtic Meditation Music," "Celtic Pilgrimage" and her latest, "Close Your Eyes, Love. Numerous tracks of her music appear on compilations for such labels as BMG, Virgin, Rounder, and Putumayo in varying styles including Celtic, world, folk and new age. Her music videos have been aired on PBS's "Out of Ireland" and she has provided solo instrumental harp music for a number of soundtracks.