Torrin Ryan, of Attleboro, Mass., has grown up at Blackstone River Theatre having performed solo and with many groups over the past 12 years. Ryan specializes in the uilleann pipes and has gone on to win five All-Ireland medals in Ireland competition including being named the 2013 All-Ireland champion for slow airs on uilleann pipes. The Irish bagpipes, with air pumped from a bag squeezed by the elbow rather than blowing into it like Scottish bagpipes, is recognized as one of the most difficult traditional instruments to master. Torrin also performs on tin whistle and flute. He is joined today by fiddler Amy Law and they will join Cathy and Shelley at the end of the concert for a set of tunes together! Amy Law is an Irish fiddler, step dancer, and Sean-nós dancer who has been playing music since the age of 3 and performing for almost as long. A San Diego native now living in Southeast Mass., she is a student of renowned Seattle-based Irish fiddler Dale Russ. Amy has been inspired by Dale’s unique style as well as many of the great Sliabh Luachra-style fiddle and accordion players throughout the decades.