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Posted on: January 22nd, 2021 by Russell Gusetti

Armand Aromin and Benedict GagliardiThe Vox Hunters – are musically bound by a shared love of traditional Irish music, which originally brought them together, as well as an eclectic and ever-growing amalgam of songs both inside and far outside the realm of folk music. Combining Aromin's multifaceted fiddle playing, Gagliardi's self-developed concertina style, and a pair of complementary voices, The Vox Hunters will present their exciting repertoire of driving dance tunes blended with an unorthodox collection of interesting songs. They are touted as strong tradition-bearers in their generation, and their genuine affinity for the music is evident in the emotion they draw from it. Their three mantras are: “Sing Local,” “Sing Often,” and “Roger Williams for President.” Last year they released their second album, "Fresh From The Board: Music From The Ocean State Songster, Vol. 1.” Blackstone River Theatre favorites, The Vox Hunters offer an all-natural connection to the living tradition of folk music.

NOTE: The ticket price is $15 but there will be an additional $3.81 charge added on by the streaming platform that goes to them. Once purchased, you will have access to the Jake Blount / The Vox Hunters concert for 72 hours in case you want to watch it again or even at a time different from its initial live showing!

Jake Blount / The Vox Hunters online concert

Posted on: January 22nd, 2021 by Russell Gusetti

This concert airs February 27, at 7 p.m. EST, but with ticket purchase, you can watch again, any time, during an included 72-hour rebroadcast! Tickets can now be purchased at:

Blackstone River Theatre is excited to welcome back Rhode Island favorites, The Vox Hunters, and also offer the BRT debut of the incredibly talented Jake Blount. Jake Blount is an award-winning banjoist, fiddler, singer currently based in Providence, RI. He is a 2020 recipient of the Steve Martin Banjo Prize. Blount specializes in the music of Black communities in the southeastern United States, and in the regional style of the Finger Lakes. He is also half of the internationally touring duo Tui, and a board member of Bluegrass Pride. A versatile performer, Blount interpolates blues, bluegrass and spirituals into the old-time string band tradition he belongs to. He foregrounds the experiences of queer people and people of color in his work. His teachers include Rhiannon Giddens, Bruce Molsky and Judy Hyman. He has claimed first place in both the Banjo and the Traditional Band categories at the prestigious Appalachian String Band Music Festival. Blount has shared his music and research at the Smithsonian Institution, Yale University, and Berklee School of Music, among other institutions. He has appeared on Radiolab, Soundcheck and NPR's Weekend Edition and regularly teaches fiddle and banjo at festivals and camps like the Augusta Heritage Center and the Ashokan Center. His first full-length solo album, "Spider Tales," debuted at #2 on the Billboard Bluegrass Chart and earned five out of five stars as The Guardian's Folk Album of the Month.

Celtic harpist/singer Áine Minogue celebrates Valentine’s Weekend

Posted on: January 16th, 2021 by Russell Gusetti

This special Valentine’s Concert airs February 13, at 7 p.m. EST, but with ticket purchase, you can watch again, any time, during an included 72-hour rebroadcast! Tickets can be purchased at:

Blackstone River Theatre is thrilled to present Celtic harpist and singer Áine Minogue in a show in celebration of Valentine’s Weekend and also in celebration of February itself, the month that honors Brigid, goddess and Saint. 

As traditional Irish music continues to enjoy phenomenal success both here and in Ireland, Áine Minogue (pronounced On-ya) is an artist who has long explored its themes and who captures its very essence. Her ethereal singing reflects the lyricism and richness to be found in Irish music, mythology and poetry with a voice undeniably her own. Born in County Tipperary, Áine's family encouraged her to pursue a number of instruments but it was at age 12 that Áine discovered her true love – the harp – which she decided to pursue in lieu of the others. Áine takes this ancient art form, exploring its underpinnings but adding her own creativity to each piece. With a combination of harping, singing and storytelling with a touch of poetry, her concerts have an intimate "getting away from it all" feel.  

Áine has done extensive research into old Celtic traditions and has unearthed some unusual and haunting selections, as well as having written some original tunes. This special show will celebrate love in all its forms – from romantic love, with such selections as “Buachaill Ón Éirne” (The Boy From Ireland), a song of marriage proposal, to music that reflects love of nature like the beautiful air named after a mountain in Áine’s home County of Tipperary, “Sliabh na mBan,” which mean “The Mountain of Women.” Music that express love of family and especially children will be included and of course, no Irish show would be complete without songs of unrequited love! 

The concert will also celebrate Brigid, who is always honored during the month of February in Ireland and has become popular around the world in recent years as an expression of the divine feminine. Brigid was a goddess and later a Saint. It is believed she was so revered that the Knights of the Round Table so revered her that they named their wives after her, hence the term … “brides.” Bridget was later recognized as a saint and is one of the three patron saints of Ireland. In pre-Christian time, she was represented by the triple spiral which expressed the three aspects of womanhood – maiden, mother and crone. Tonight's show will also include selections from her album entitled "To Warm the Winter's Night," which was praised by The Irish Echo as "a haunting and  beautiful creation ... one of the most unusual, original and lovely albums to appear in a long time." 

NOTE: The ticket price is $15 but there will be an additional $3.81 charge added on by the streaming platform that goes to them. Once purchased, you will have access to Áine Minogue’s Valentine Concert for 72 hours in case you want to watch it again or even at a time different from its initial live showing!