Reserve By Phone

Reserve tickets by phone by calling (401) 725-9272. Please state:
What show
How many tickets
Your name
Your phone number
If you want a call back
We confirm all reservations by phone unless you say you do not need a return call. Even if you don't need a call back, please still leave best number to reach you in case a show is sold out or there is a weather concern.

NOTE: If you have called in a reservation but haven't prepaid, AND DON'T CALL TO CANCEL one or more tickets with at least 24 hours notice, you will be obligated to pay for ALL of the original reserved tickets.

Though reservations are not always NECESSARY, it is very helpful if you call ahead
so that we can accurately plan our seating, volunteer staff and concession needs. There have also been an increasing number of sold out shows where folks have been turned away so it is in your best interest!

Please speak clearly and slowly when leaving your message and please LEAVE YOUR HOME OR CELL PHONE NUMBER (not work number) so we can actually reach you! If you are unable to attend a show you made reservations for, PLEASE call us back so we can release the tickets to the general public.

Actual seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. By reserving a ticket, A SEAT is guaranteed, but we suggest you arrive as early as possible within that 30-minute time frame for a particular seat or to ensure seats together for larger groups.

Reserved tickets not yet paid for will be held until TEN MINUTES BEFORE show time, then released to the general public.