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BRT Art Gallery

The BRT Art Gallery is an ongoing initiative to have the work of local visual artists combine with BRT's performing arts programming to enhance the audience's total experience and expose them to the many talented artists that live and work nearby. Exhibits generally change every 5-6 weeks between September and May. Artwork is viewable two hours before scheduled theater events and is often for sale.

Current Exhibit

Rossoni: Songwriter / Musician / Artist / Writer

Blackstone River Theatre's Art Gallery will host an exhibition and sale of paintings and assemblages by Mary Ann Rossoni from September 24 through November 22, viewable two hours before and during scheduled theatre events, in the upper and lower lobby of the Blackstone River Theatre, 549 Broad St., Cumberland, RI. The BRT Art Gallery is an ongoing initiative to have the work of local visual artists combine with BRT's performing arts programming to enhance the audience's total experience. Mary Ann will have an artist's reception on Saturday, November 21, from 6-7:15 p.m. before she performs onstage that night.

For Mary Ann Rossoni, life has been a happy artistic struggle - a continual traveling of dusty artistic roads without end yet certainly with some vision. "Should I be an artist, should I be a musician, should I be a writer, should I be ... the list is endless and life is short" says Rossoni. Now in the autumn of her artistic years she has realized that there is no reason to creatively splinter - her art, music and writing are one.

At Blackstone River Theatre, for this one show only, performing songwriter Mary Ann Rossoni will be exhibiting the last of her earlier works. Some of the pieces date back to the 80s and her years as a RISD student, many are more recent, her years spent plein air painting on Block Island with fellow students of local artist C.C. Wolf and the East Side Art Center and pieces she has created for juried exhibitions. She believes all of these pieces exhibited deserve a "good home" and she is offering them to the highest silent auction bidder the night of her show.

Of an artistic style, Mary Ann feels she does not have one yet and is exploring her options. The pieces that she is exhibiting at BRT reflect the direction she is moving with her art - assemblages, mixed media and paintings that are directly representational of the lyrics in her songs. "123 OCD" is one such assemblage that is more personal and represents the extreme anxiety she suffered as a child. "This House," an acrylic mixed media piece, weaves lyric lines into the paint. It is one of her most requested songs at her performances and it sings of the emptiness of ones home once a loved one has left. This painting also has a musical, listening component included within the piece.

Rossoni considers herself to be a full time musician and visual artist but it is her work as a graphic designer and owner of Second Story Graphics that has supported her all these years. Unlike many musicians who dread their day job, Mary Ann is thankful to have one she enjoys very much and if very appreciative of her clients, some of whom she has worked with for over 25 years. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Mary Ann has been a lifelong volunteer of many organizations and currently serves as an active board member of the Rhode Island Songwriters Association, Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame, Pawtucket Arts Collaborative, and Notable Works. On a different note all together, she is a licensed EMT volunteering for the Jamestown Fire Department. She also frequently writes music reviews for Motif Magazine and feature stories and interviews for GET Magazine.

Art Gallery Info

Art Gallery information: Contact Russell Gusetti

Blackstone River Theatre currently books visual artists for 5 or 6-week shows in the BRT upper and lower theatre lobbies from September through May (usually 18-34 pieces depending on size). We are now reviewing artwork for the Fall 2014 season and beyond; showings are usually arranged 4-8 months in advance. Artists must first contact Russell Gusetti to express interest and then will be asked to show a portfolio or e-mail current samples of work to be considered. All BRT exhibits are now coordinated and hung by Pat and George Sargent. Artwork or visual artists with a connection to the Blackstone River Valley or musical themes are preferred but not necessary. We are currently only displaying two-dimensional work as a rule.

Artwork CAN be sold by the artist with no commission fee taken by BRT. Our sole goal is to have the work of local visual artists combine with our performing arts programming to enhance our audience's total experience. The artist is SOLELY responsible for drop-off/pick-up of work, matting, framing, and taking down their show and for all costs and insurances associated with hanging their artwork in an exhibit space.

BRT will send out a press release with representative image 14 days before your show hangs so please email a biography/artist's statement/show info and a high-res image (200-300 dpi jpeg please at 5 x 7 inches) in a timely manner.