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BRT Art Gallery

The BRT Art Gallery is an ongoing initiative to have the work of local visual artists combine with BRT's performing arts programming to enhance the audience's total experience and expose them to the many talented artists that live and work nearby. Exhibits generally change every 5-6 weeks between September and May. Artwork is viewable two hours before scheduled theater events and is often for sale.

Current Exhibit

Capturing Light and Color painting exhibit by Beth Johnston

Blackstone River Theatre's Art Gallery will host a painting exhibit featuring Beth Johnston's "Capturing Light and Color" through April 12, viewable two hours before and during scheduled theatre events, in the upper and lower lobby of the Blackstone River Theatre, 549 Broad St., Cumberland, RI. There will be an open reception for Beth's exhibit on Sunday, March 16, from 4:30-6:00 p.m.

Capturing Light and Color

Light, shadows and translating color are the critical elements when defining the mood, shapes and composition of all I create. Pushing those colors and values, just a little, are a means to make the painting more interesting and more exciting than just a photograph. The primary subjects of my oil paintings are local landscapes, stuff I have around the house and the human figure.

The joy, and challenge, of painting a landscape is in capturing the subtle color shifts brought about by the weather and time of day, as well as surrounding objects. Sometimes you have to work very fast to capture the color notes accurately and take the time later to fill in the rest of the painting.

My still life paintings take their inspiration from old masters, but with a modern flair. The dramatic lighting of Caravaggio is quite enticing and can infuse elements of an abstract painting to a realistic painting. I also enjoy how Chardin captured food and objects from everyday life.

The human body is the most beautiful design in nature and I strive to translate the subtle shifts in color and light I observe, as it defines the form, into the correct mixture of paints on my palette and canvas. Seeing the unexpected colors, such as yellows, purples, and greens, in skin tones can make that challenge enjoyable.

With a sketchbook or a camera nearby, I'm ready to capture inspiration from life around me.

Beth Johnston is a representational oil painter, but her expressionistic side comes out in her encaustic paintings. She has been painting and drawing her whole life and is now pursuing a formal art training at Rhode Island School of Design. In addition, she has studied with some local and nationally-known artists. Her work can be found in two local galleries: Isherwood and Company in Newport and New England Farm and Artist in Coventry. Her work has received numerous awards at Juried exhibits and graces the homes of collectors across the United States. Currently, she is a member of the Art League of RI, Wickford Art Association, South County Art Association and East Greenwich Art Club. She also regularly exhibits at art festivals around New England.


Art Gallery Info

Art Gallery information: Contact Russell Gusetti

Blackstone River Theatre currently books visual artists for 5 or 6-week shows in the BRT upper and lower theatre lobbies from September through May (usually 18-34 pieces depending on size). We are now reviewing artwork for the Fall 2014 season and beyond; showings are usually arranged 4-8 months in advance. Artists must first contact Russell Gusetti to express interest and then will be asked to show a portfolio or e-mail current samples of work to be considered. All BRT exhibits are now coordinated and hung by Pat and George Sargent. Artwork or visual artists with a connection to the Blackstone River Valley or musical themes are preferred but not necessary. We are currently only displaying two-dimensional work as a rule.

Artwork CAN be sold by the artist with no commission fee taken by BRT. Our sole goal is to have the work of local visual artists combine with our performing arts programming to enhance our audience's total experience. The artist is SOLELY responsible for drop-off/pick-up of work, matting, framing, and taking down their show and for all costs and insurances associated with hanging their artwork in an exhibit space.

BRT will send out a press release with representative image 14 days before your show hangs so please email a biography/artist's statement/show info and a high-res image (200-300 dpi jpeg please at 5 x 7 inches) in a timely manner.