Current Exhibit

The BRT Art Gallery is an ongoing initiative to have the work of local visual artists combine with BRT's performing arts programming to enhance the audience's total experience and expose them to the many talented artists that live and work nearby. Exhibits generally change every 5 or 6 weeks between mid-September and May. Artwork is viewable two hours before scheduled theater events and is often for sale.



Blackstone River Theatre Art Gallery presents
Aaron Usher Photography – Mish Mash

Blackstone River Theatre's Art Gallery will host an exhibition and sale of photography by Aaron Usher through October 20, viewable two hours before and during scheduled theatre events, in the upper and lower lobby of the Blackstone River Theatre, 549 Broad St., Cumberland, RI. The BRT Art Gallery is an ongoing initiative to have the work of local visual artists combine with BRT's performing arts programming to enhance the audience's total experience. 

The images in this collection consist of a few on-going series that I’ve been working on over the years. One is ICE ABSTRACTIONS and included with that is a new WATER DROPLETS image, where that project is now moving.
BEAUTY IN THE EVERYDAY is represented with a montage of a dandelion. Those images are meant to remind us that there is a lot of beauty all around us and we often fail to observe it closely. Another series, this time of diptychs and triptychs, connects combinations of similar subjects (sometimes) or opposing views (other times). The main one, BULLSEYES, is meant to be an example of how to approach one’s goals. Sometimes, you have to aim for the center directly. Other times, you have smaller access points to bring you to your goal. Lastly, the gradual, consistent path gets you where you want to go.
Aaron Usher is a Rhode Island-based commercial photographer specializing in architectural, interiors, and business to business photography. A working professional for over 38 years, his clients include architects, architectural historians, interior designers, construction firms, graphic & web designers, artists, and manufacturers. Assignments take him throughout New England and down the Eastern Seaboard,  with his work being published in over 330 books and magazines, as well as scores  of web sites. Visit or call to make a studio visit. Aaron has hundreds of master images suitable for framing and display from around the world, including Ireland, much of Europe and locally, too. Enjoy. (All images can be printed in a variety of sizes and can be purchased matted, but unframed as desired.)

This collection started as ‘a means to escape’ other facets of my work that tend to be rigid and precise. The freedom to explore shapes and lines coupled with a return to black and white was refreshing. The abstractions allowed my mind’s eye to roam wildly in a space approximately 6-12” in front of me. I started seeing and feeling the images as they unfolded. They could be microscopic at one end or stratospheric at another. Similar to a reader of a great novel, I was being immersed in the stories my mind created from the various shapes and movement of the lines. Much like the work of the photographers of the 1920s, including Alfred Stieglitz and Minor White, these photos have taken on a certain ‘Equivalence.’ Stieglitz had photographed clouds and a symbolist aesthetic underlies these images, which became increasingly abstract equivalents of his own experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Kandinsky had written, “colors, shapes and lines can reflect the inner, often emotive, vibrations of the soul.” This is the effect I have been hoping to attain.